Yard Sales 101: What’s the difference between a yard sale, tag sale & rummage sale?


There are several types of sales that are generally used interchangeably throughout the United States.  You’ve probably heard of a rummage sale, a tag sale, an estate sale, and while they are similar because they involve selling used goods, there are some subtle differences. Below we will identify and differentiate the differences between all of the sale types:

Garage Sale: A garage sale the selling of secondhand goods by an individual inside their garage. Items are usually set up on tables and display for sale within the confines of the garage structure.

Yard Sale: A Yard Sale is also the sale of used goods, however, unlike a garage sale it is held outside in the yard, a driveway, the street, or a parking lot. Yard sales are great for those who do not have a garage or live in an apartment building.

Estate Sale: An estate sale usually involves the selling of an entire household of items due to a major life event (moving to a nursing home, death, liquidation). You can usually expect to find higher end & vintage items at estate sales. Estate sales can be held by private residents or by an estate sale company.

Rummage Sale: A rummage sale is the sale of used goods associated with a fundraiser or charity. You will frequently see community centers, schools & churches holding rummage sales to earn money.

Tag Sale:  A tag sale is term usually associated with slightly higher quality items than you would find a yard sale, but not quite as high as you would find at an estate sale. Tag sale items tend to have a sale tag, which is how it earned it’s name as a tag sale.

Community sale: A community sale occurs when an residents of a community get together and have a yard sale on a specified day. Community sales can occur in one place like a local stadium or can occur along a route through a city.

Multi-Family Sale: A multi-family sale is a term  used for a yard sale that includes the belongings and goods of several different families. It is very common within neighborhoods to have a few neighbors get together and have a multi-family yard sale.

Moving Sale: A moving sale usually occurs when the homeowner is downsizing or moving and needs to unload some items prior to the move. You can usually expect to see a good amount of furniture, electronics & tools at moving sales.

Now that you know the difference between sale types, it’s time to find local Yard Sales & Estate Sales!