Yard Sale Organization: How to Display Items to Get The Most Money


The Best Way to Display Items at a Yard Sale

Displaying yard sale items can be tricky. Not only do you want customers to be able to navigate around the sale items, but you also want to display items in the most enticing way in order to get top dollar.

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Most yard sale hosts use a variety of tables, shelving, clothing racks, boxes and plastic tubs to display their items for sale. Below we’ll go over a few of our favorite tips for displaying yard sale items in order to get the most amount of money for them.



The best way to display clothing at a yard sale is on a clothing rack. However, if you do not have a clothing rack, you can create piles of nicely folded clothing in similar sizes, styles & gender. For example, you’ll want to put all of the children’s clothing together and then all of the adult clothing together in another pile. Ideally, you would place these piles on tables, however if lack of table space is a factor, you can neatly arrange the piles of clothing on a blanket on the ground. You never want to place clothing directly on the grass or driveway, as this can be seen as dirty by most customers.


The most important factor when deciding how to display jewelry is that you should keep pairs and sets together and display it in a way that is easy for the customer to handle. Many yard sale hosts display jewelry by using a muffin tin, sandwich bags, jewelry tray or hanging them on a jewelry stand. One bonus feature you might want to consider is having a mirror near the jewelry display for customers to use to try on the jewelry.


Because furniture tends to be a higher ticket item, you’ll definitely want to give your furniture display some extra effort. The first thing you should do is make sure that the furniture is clean and free from stains, rips and odors. The next thing you want to do is display the furniture at the end of the driveway or closest to the street. Not only does it help to draw in passersby, but it’s also a lot easier to transport to the buyers vehicle after it’s been purchased.


Gadgets & Electronics:

Your customers will likely want to test out any gadgets or electronics you have for sale, to make sure they work properly. In order to accommodate this, you should display electronics close to an outlet or have an extension cord nearby for your customers to use.


The best way to display books at a yard sale is to actually have a bookcase available to display them. However, if you don’t have a spare bookcase hanging around, another way to show them off is by placing them in boxes or plastic tubs with similar books. Create signs identifying the different categories and attach them to the boxes or tubs with tape. For example, you could have all of the non-fiction in one box and children’s books in another box.


If you are selling any valuables or collectibles it’s best to keep these as close to you or your home as possible. Although we’d like to think that every buyer is a honest person we have heard stories about shoplifting at yard sales. Do yourself a favor and have the valuables in a place that you can keep your eye on them. You may even want to consider having the valuable items out of reach, which forces the customer to ask to you for permission to see the item.



Children’s toys are quite popular at yard sales. For small toys, like Barbie dolls, trucks & action figures, we love to create grab bags of similar toys using large sandwich bags and offer them at a single price.  Outdoor toys should be hosed down and free of any dirt and landscaping debris. Puzzles, games and other toys can be displayed on a table or flat surface.

DVDs/ Video Tapes/Video Games:

If you plan to sell any DVDs, VHS tapes or video games at a yard sale, you can simply organize them in a box with similar items. This is much easier than trying to stack them on a table that might get bumped into several times during the yard sale. The last thing you want to do is have to re-stack the fallen DVDs while the yard sale is in full swing.


Planning on selling dishes? You might want to use clear plastic tape and secure the set together.  This prevents buyers from trying to buy single pieces from a set.  You’ll also want to have some packing materials on hand for the buyer to use when transporting the dishes home.

Knick Knacks:

Small decorative items can be displayed on a table. The only thing you want to look out for is that breakable items are closer to the center of the table instead of on the edge.