What Should you Look for to Resell? 9 Professional Flippers Reveal their Top Items to Flip!

Top Items to Flip

We asked some of our favorite professional resellers: “What’s the one item that you are always looking for”


Margaret from Live Like No One Else offered three suggestions: She likes to look for Microwave Glass plates, Starbucks mugs (She had one that sold for $265!) & men’s ties.

Margaret is usually able to find these microwave turntable plates for $1-$4 and sells them for $19.99, although some of these turntables can command as high as $40 on Ebay.

Starbucks mugs are highly collectible simply for the fact that they retire. Margaret was able to score big on a Cleveland Starbucks mug from the Global City Mug collection. She paid $1 and sold it for $265 on Ebay!


Chris from Flipping a Dollar looks out for: The Pre-Duffy Teddy Bear (aka Hidden Mickey Bear) is characterized by the signature three circle Mickey Mouse face found on the bear’s face. In 2005, Disney officially released Duffy as a character at the parks, so any bear made before 2004, is considered pre-Duffy.

He also looks for Ralph Lauren clothing specifically the Purple label, which happens to be a higher end version of RL Clothing. According to this Ralph Lauren clothing buying guide, “Launched in 1994 it is Ralph Laurens signature and highest end mens line. It has British styling and it is sold in the finest department stores.”


Courtney from RoadDarling.com is a clothing reseller and had some interesting tips on sourcing clothing for resale. Her tips include to look for quality items. She loves finding Betsey Johnson dresses and recommends not shying away from more common brands like Target & Gap because there are many online buyers who like to purchase what they know and cuts they are familiar with.


Professional Amazon Seller & published author, Jordan from JordanMalik.com is always on the hunt for these 3 items:
Air purifiers/ionic air purifiers/Hepa air cleaners – These are just about ‘throwaways’ for the average homeowner selling them, yet eBay/Amazon buyers get ‘stuck’ on a model/brand after it’s been discontinued, and they’re looking for a replacement one or 2nd or 3rd unit. Be sure you clean them after buying to resell. If it’s missing the owner’s manual, try finding it online and printing it out before shipping it to the buyer.
Out-of-production Nerf blaster toys: Nerf traditionally ‘retires’ some models after a 1 to 2 year production run. Purists are looking for various models for parts or replacements or because they just plain missed out. Again: they’re almost throwaways by families cleaning out their garage/homes, but some models can command (even in used condition) near retail or even multiples of full retail price. Missing the original manual? You can find most online with a Google search.
Small kitchen electrics: Another virtual throwaway. Families can receive these as gifts, use them once (or not at all), and keep them in the box. Manufacturer-discontinued pressure cookers, All-in-one cookers, infrared cookers, popcorn poppers, rice cookers, and counter-top convection ovens can be had for a song. You’ll need some elbow grease (most online sellers shy away anything that has to be cleaned). Again, consumers shopping online fall in love with a brand or need a replacement “just like the one they owned.

The ‘dude’ from Money in the Garage loves to look for shortwave radios, Although it’s a fading hobby,  short wave is still popular and hobbyist will pay big bucks for a good name brand shortwave radios like Realistic, Sony and Panasonic. Although these radios are becoming harder and harder to find, when you do find them, you can count on making good money flipping them.


Becky Pries from BeckyPries.blogspot is always on the lookout for security much like the one we highlighted in this Find it Friday blogpost. These security blankets are popular for two reasons. First the security blankets are nostalgic of one’s childhood, and secondly because moms are looking to replace their child’s lost blanket and will pay any price to replace it.

Jay & Ryanne from ScavengerLife.com are always looking out for anything made of wool, wood, leather, or metal. We love the vintage, weird items that often were produced at a much higher quality than we see these days. These items often don’t have tags or branding, but you can tell its value by the quality of the materials.


George from FlippingIncome.com loves to find electronics like smartphones, tablets, and video games. The two main reasons for flipping electronics include the amount of buying opportunities and second is ease of selling. George is able to locate places selling electronics and at discounted prices, or offering coupons, and the occasional price mistake.   This makes it easy to find things to flip.  Also once you have the item, selling it on eBay, Amazon or Craigslist is usually quick and painless.  

Well now that you’ve heard from the professionals, we’d love to hear from you! Head over to our Yardsales.net Facebook page and leave us a comment with the one item that you love to find at yard sales!