Find it Friday: Vintage Lego Sets


It’s time for Find it Friday, a bi-monthly blog series where we give you insider tips on valuable items to add to your yard sale shopping watch list. This week we are taking a look at lego sets. Yes, those darn plastic bricks that hurt like crazy when you step on them, turns out..they are worth more than you think…more than gold actually.

We were first tipped off by the high value of Lego sets from this article which reports that investing in Lego Sets was actually a better investment than gold? You don’t say, color me intrigued!

The report goes on to say that Legos released in 2014 were already selling for 36% more than their introductory price. The selling price increased even more when Lego sets retire, of which hundreds do each year. Some of the most popular & valuable Lego sets were in the Star Wars theme. We took a look at the completed Ebay auctions for vintage Lego sets…and were blown away by how valuable these bricks of plastic could be..and YES, Star Wars Lego Sets are worth big the tune of over $4,500.

Check out some of the completed auction listings below:


Tips for getting the most money for your Lego sets:

  • New in Box – Upon researching the Ebay completed listings it was obvious, that Lego sets still brand new in the box were attracting much higher prices, however, used sets were still selling for a decent price.
  • Anything Star Wars – The Star Wars Lego sets dominated the top of the listings in terms of higher prices. You could buy a small used car for the sold price of the Star Wars Millennium Falcon Lego set.
  • 70s & 80s Vintage Sets – A lot of the valuable non-Star Wars collections were from the late 70s & 80s.
  • Minifigures – Minifigure are Lego action figures and these can command quite a price. Here’s a list of the most valuable minifigures.

Here are a few online resources you can use to determine the value of your Legos:

There are even a few Facebook groups for the Lego junkies

This article has me re-thinking my entire investment bricks out…plastic bricks in!

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