Find it Friday – This Pyrex bowl is worth a lot of money!

Happy Friday! You are in for another edition of Find it Friday, which is a weekly series where we highlight one highly collectible item to be on the lookout for when yard sale shopping. Today we are going to look at one of my favorite collections, Pyrex! There is one pattern in particular that is bringing in big bucks on Ebay, it’s the Lucky in Love pattern. This covered casserole dish sold for over $4,000 on Ebay last month.

The Lucky in Love Pyrex series is considered rare because it was only available for a short time as a promotional piece in 1959. The Lucky in Love pattern was first seen to many collectors in the Pyrex Collector’s Guide by Rogove/Steinhauer. This pattern proved to be a unicorn of sorts, because of it’s rarity, many Pyrex collectors have never seen one in real life. No one is sure how many of these were made, however, if you do find one at a yard sale, they are highly collectible and you should snatch it up as quickly as possible!

Lucky in Love Pyrex distinguishing marks:

  • White Covered Casserole 473 Series
  • Pink hearts
  • Green four leaf clovers
  • Flat glass lid (white)
  • Pyrex “Made in the USA” marking on underside of bowl

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