Find it Friday – This little known Nintendo Game is Hundreds of Dollars!

It’s Find it Friday, a weekly segment where we feature an item that you should be adding to your “must find list” for yard sale shopping. This week we are going to talk about Little Samson Video Game, which is a highly sought after video game for the original Nintendo gaming system (NES). This used Little Samson game recently sold for $900.00, which is amazing considering it did not come with any original components like the instruction booklet or box. 

Why it’s rare:

The Little Samson video game was developed by Taito in 1992. Unfortunately due to poor timing, the game never really got traction and had very few sales. The Gaming Historian speculates that Little Samson flew under the radar because it was released around the time that the NES system was winding down, and the Super Nintendo was being introduced.

Avid Nintendo gamers have deemed this as one of the most rare and sought after games in the NES collection. If you find this game with or without the box, I recommend buying it!

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