Find it Friday – This Christmas Tree is worth big money!

It’s that time again! Each Friday we highlight a valuable item that you just might be lucky enough to find during your yard sale-ing adventures.

This week we are on a Christmas kick and decided to see what was selling in the Vintage Christmas realm. This Vintage mother of pearl ceramic Christmas tree caught our eye when it sold for over $300 on Ebay. We did a little more research and found many different variations of this tree which also brought in quite a bit of money.

Why are these vintage ceramic trees so valuable?

These ceramic Christmas trees come in different sizes and colors. Most of these trees were made in the 1970s & 80s by companies like Atlantic Mold, Arnel’s, and Holland. What makes these trees so rare is that almost all of the manufacturer’s have since gone out of business or stopped production on these types of trees. They are neither rare or valuable, however, they hold a certain nostalgic qualities that buyers are willing to pay for.

Be aware of the stamped dates:

When trying to determine the value of these ceramic trees, it’s important to understand that the printed date on the bottom does not necessarily represent the date it was manufactured. According to this “Guide to Buying a Ceramic Christmas Tree” published by Ebay, the date only represents the year that the mold was made, which means you could have a tree manufactured in 2010 with a stamped date of 1976 because that is the year the mold was made. Truly vintage ceramic Christmas trees are usually individually numbered.

Key Details:

  • Ceramic tree will come with a base and cord
  • The tree should also include a single lightbulb which is used to illuminate the smaller lights.
  • Unique number stamped on bottom of tree

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