Find it Friday: Dark Tower Board Game


Dark Tower Board Game

How often to you see a board games at yard sales and overlook them? I don’t know about you..but I rarely buy board games at a yard sale unless they are sealed. I just don’t want to deal with missing pieces, etc. BUT, I just came across this completed Ebay auction for the Dark Tower Board Game and it’s got me rethinking my strategy…maybe I need to pay more attention to board games. This one sold for a whopping $559.00!

What is it?
According to Wikipedia, “Dark Tower is a 1981 electronic board game by Milton Bradley Company, for one to four players. The object of the game is to amass an army, collect the three keys to the Tower, and defeat the evil within. The game came out during the height of the role-playing game craze in the early 1980s.”

The game board, was very advanced for it’s time because all movements were computer generated. Game Board Geek explains, ” Every aspect of the game was monitored by a small computer inside the black plastic shell of the tower itself, an unheard of innovation at the time. Players input their moves on a small membrane keypad each turn and the computer took over from there, doing everything from conducting the progress of battles to keeping track of how much (or little) food was left to feed the players’ always hungry warriors.”

What makes Dark Tower so valuable?

There are two reasons why Dark Tower is a highly collectible game board:

1. They are rare – Milton Bradley stopped making the game in the early 80s after an intellectual property lawsuit was brought against the company by two independent game developers who claimed the game making company stole their idea. The courts ultimately ruled in favor of the game developers and Milton Bradley had to pay a fine.
2. They are delicate – The wear & tear on these games can make the center unit inoperable, so finding a game with a working dark tower has proven to be hard to find.

Did you find one? Here are a couple of things to look for:
1. The game includes: The Dark Tower (battery operated center unit), a 4 piece circular cardboard game board, four cardboard tokens, flags, game pieces & peg boards. (The complete set can be seen here)
2. You’ll want to make sure that all of the computer & game pieces are operable in order to get the most value

If you’ve got one of these, we’d love to see it! Take a picture and upload it to Instagram and use the hashtag #treasurelistings

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