Earn Money from a yard sale while clearing Clutter – Make Moving Easy

It doesn’t matter whether you are moving from city-to-city or state-to-state. There are many challenges that go along with the moving or relocation process.

Yard sales can help you make the experience a positive one.  There’s an opportunity to not only clear the clutter in your home or apartment. You’ll have a chance to earn some extra cash to help with the moving expenses.

With a few adjustments in your yard sale plans “You can increase yard sale profits” says Amanda Haury in her online “how to” guide.

Don’t disregard some of the items due to size, small or large items can be sold.  Buyers will generally pick up the items they purchase, there’s no need to worry about moving it passed your yard.

A successful sale is gauged based on profit and the amount of inventory sold.  Advertising your yard sale is one of the key contributors to this success.

What are some of the items that lead to good profit?

When you’re trying to cover moving expenses, every dollar counts.  It may be more reasonable to sell bulkier heavy items, rather than have them shipped.  Consider this when you’re making decisions on what to keep or sell.  Here’s a few popular and profitable yard sale items.

Electronic equipment always brings in a good profit, today’s technology moves at a very fast paste, what you paid for retail a few years back isn’t worth nearly as much today. At a yard sale, buyers are willing to pay more for electronic items, possibly because it seems more advanced than your average plate or cup.

Lawn Equipment is bulky and quite heavy, selling those can generate a high profit at a yard sale, you can use that profit to buy newer equipment once you’ve moved.

Unused household items, dig deep in those closets, we all have gifted items we never intended to use but stored for years.  These items can also generate a good profit due to their unused condition.  Buyers are willing to pay a higher price for an unused item.

As Ms. Haury pointed out, think of your yard sale as a business, online yard sale advertising has proven to be a success in helping
achieve amazing increased profit results.

The goal is to move with less clutter and more money in your pocket so you can begin a new life wherever your career or life takes you.