45 Vintage Christmas Instagram Photos That Will Give You All the Feels

Vintage Christmas Photos

It’s officially the “Best time of the year” and to prove it, I’m going to encourage you to head over to Instagram and do a quick search for #vintagechristmas. You will quickly be swept into a nostalgic whirl of vintage Christmas ornaments, home decor and accents. We’ve selected 45 of our favorite photos for you to enjoy!

P.S. If those aren’t enough for you, we also have an entire Pinterest board dedicated to Vintage Christmas delights!

1. Vintage Santa collection displayed on a perfectly vintage bar cart

2. Gorgeous vintage ornament hanging on a branch

3. DIY Christmas Wreath made with vintage ornaments

4. Collection of flocked Santa & Mrs. Clause Figurines


5. Display of vintage red & green pyrex mixed with some vintage Thermos accents

6. Vintage Toy Trucks carrying a tiny spruce tree

7. Collection of 4 Vintage Santa Claus Winking Mugs

8. Vintage tinsel trees with pastel accents

9. Gorgeous Red & Mirror Ball Vintage Christmas Tree Ornaments


10. Ceramic Decorative Tree with working lights

11. A bowl full of Vintage Santa Clause figures

12. Vintage Silent Night Caroler Candles

13. Package of Vintage Christmas Tree icicles

14. Gorgeous collection of Vintage Christmas Holly Tumblers

15. Display of 4 Vintage Hazel Atlas Egg Nog Mugs

16. Vintage Boots & Christmas Candle

17. Christmas color coordinated Pyrex Display

18. Gorgeous Vintage Christmas Ornaments


19. Collection of Vintage Reindeer

20. Vintage Christmas Home decor featuring ice skates & holly branches

21. Vintage Children’s Sleigh

22. Collection of Vintage Christmas figurines

23. Vintage Snowflake Pattern and Color Coordinated Pyrex

24. Vintage Shiny Brite Christmas Tree Ornaments still in box!

25. Display of vintage radio, books & Santa mug topped with burlap and accents

26. Miscellaneous Vintage Christmas Decorations


27. Vintage containers of Christmas colored glitter (only $.19 cents!)

28. Lovely display of Vintage Santa & Mrs. Clause figures

29. A Christmas arrangement made out of vintage ornaments

30. Vintage Christmas ornaments still in the box

31. Collection of pastel Christmas Tree home accents


32. Library of vintage Christmas themed children’s books

33. Arrangement of color coordinated vintage Christmas home decor items


34. Set of 3 Holly Hobbie Christmas Tumblers

35. Adorable display of vintage Christmas dolls and ribbons

36. A whole box full of vintage Christmas ornaments

37. Handmade Christmas Stockings

38. Collection of vintage Christmas home decor

39. Gorgeous vintage Christmas textiles

40. Vintage toy truck carrying vintage Christmas ornaments


41. Shiny Brite box used to Display a vintage Christmas scene

42. Collection of Mr & Mrs. Clause Christmas Tree Ornaments

43. Collection of Porcelain Christmas Angels & Carolers

44. Display of Snowflake patterned Pyrex

45. Dazzling display of vintage ornaments arranged on a cake plate