19 supplies you’d be crazy not to use at your next yard sale


Yard Sale Supplies

Any experienced yard sale host will tell you that organization is the key to having a successful yard sale.  There are a few tools that experienced yard sales always use to make the process a whole lot easier.

Before the Sale:

The Sharpie marker is a yard saler’s best friend. It’s the best way to create a simple sign. We recommend using the black Sharpie marker, because it is the most easily seen and has the highest contrast against any color background.

Poster Board
A 18×22 poster board is the most preferred resource for making yard sales signs. These poster boards come in a variety of colors, but we recommend to sticking with white or neon for the highest visibility.

Category Signs
Use category signs to organize your items by grouping. Signs like “Women’s Clothing, Children’s Clothing, etc” help potential customers quickly find the items they are looking for.

Advertising your yard sale is very important. You’ll want to list your yard sale on YardSales.net in order to achieve maximum exposure. Not only will your sale get published to 7 different yard sale websites, but it will also be emailed out to local garage sale enthusiasts.

Pricing Stickers
Pre-labeled pricing stickers make pricing your items so much easier than having to manually tag items. You can purchase the stickers right here.

Small Bills & Change
We recommend having $50 in small bills (one & five dollar bills) and $10 in quarters on hand to make change for your customers.


Day of the Sale:

Fanny Pack
During a yard sale, you never want to leave money unattended. Fashion sense aside, wearing a fanny pack is THE accessory to wear during a yard sale in order to have your money with you at all times.

Square App
Did you know that you can now accept credit cards at your yard sale? All you need is a smartphone and the Square App to get it done.

Paper Towels
Inevitably there will be spills or tables to wipe down during your sale, having paper towels on hand and outside will prevent you from having to go into the house and leaving the yard sale unattended.

Measuring Tape
If you are selling large items like furniture, you’ll definitely want to have a measuring tape on hand so potential customers can determine whether the item will fit in their home or their car!

Sandwich Bags
You can use sandwich bags to bundle like items together (action figures, dolls, etc). This is an easy way to package and display small items.

Trash Can
This has happened at every yard sale I’ve ever had, a customer comes to the sale with coffee cup in hand, finishes the coffee and asks me to dispose of it. Having a trash can outside and available to the customers allows them to take care of their own trash and you don’t have to leave the sale to get the trash can.

If you are selling anything that requires batteries, you may want to have a few spare ones on hand so that people can test out the items before buying.

Shopping Bags
Shopping bags are a must have at yard sales. You will have some customers that will buy multiple things and having bags makes it easier for them to take them off your property.

Extension Cords
Much like having extra batteries on hand for the electronics, customers will also want to try out things that need to be plugged into an outlet as well. Having an extension cord handy and readily available will make this a lot easier.

If you are selling clothes, having a free standing full length mirror can help those who want to ‘try on’ the clothes you have for sale.

Moving Dolly
Having a dolly on hand will definitely be a bonus for customers who need to load larger items like furniture to their car.

Hand Sanitizer
I always put hand sanitizer out at a yard sale. Customers appreciate it the gesture.

Packing supplies
Packing supplies like tissue and bubble wrap are useful when selling glassware or fragile items. Wrap the item in tissue & bubble wrap and then place in a shopping bag.

Now that we’ve given you a list of yard sale supplies, we’d love to hear from you! Which items are on your MUST have yard sale supply list? Let us know on our Facebook wall.