10 Yard Sale Tips You’ve Probably Never Heard Before

If you’ve been reading our blog for a while, you know that we love to give you tips on how to have the best yard sale and different pricing strategies. However, today we are switching it up a bit and giving a few new tips that you’ve probably never heard before. Thanks to new technologies and advanced sales techniques, there are even more ways to throw a killer yard sale and we are sharing all those juicy secrets with you below!

1. Advertise Free Snacks – Who doesn’t love free snacks, right? A fun way to differentiate your sale from others is to offer free snacks! But the trick is to let your buyers know beforehand that you will have snacks available. When advertising your yard sale online, be sure to mention that you will have free snacks in the headline & description. People love free snacks and will prioritize your yard sale higher on their list as a result. The additional bonus is that if people are eating your free snacks, it means they are going to have to spend more time at your yard sale.

2. Have a yard sale close to the 1st & 15th of the month – Most people get paid bi-monthly, having a sale around the 1st or 15th is around the time that most people get paid and therefore will have the most amount of spending money. Try to avoid having a yard sale towards to the end of the month, when many people may are running low on funds.

3. Play Music – Have you ever been to a yard sale and after the initial welcome pleasantries, it becomes absolute quiet? Yard sales can get a little awkward in absolute silence, especially if you live on a quiet street or neighborhood. Avoid the awkward silence by playing some light music, nothing offensive or loud, just some nice easy light listening music can do the trick.

4. Reach out to other yard salers – A few days before your yard sale, check out which other yard sales are happening in your local area by using Gsalr.com. Reach out to the hosts and ask if they’ll agree to tell their customers about your sale and you will return the favor in exchange. This is a win-win, because both of you get additional traffic and exposure!

5. Advertise your site on YardSales.net – There are several websites to list a yard sale on, however, YardSales.net goes a step beyond and actually emails details of your yard sale to their local email subscriber base, increasing the amount of people who are notified about your yard sale.

6. Move your car away from your driveway – Your yard sale customers are going to need a place to park, so do them a favor and park your car away from your house, giving them plenty of room to park.

7. Entertain the children – Many yard sale shoppers bring children along. Give the children something to do by putting out a small table with crayons, coloring books and paper to keep them occupied while their parents shop.

8. Wear a Fanny Pack – Thought not chic enough to wear in public, we highly recommend wearing a fanny pack to hold your money at a yard sale. While most people ARE honest and considerate we’ve heard one too many stories of cash boxes going missing, it’s best to keep your yard sale profits within reach all the time.

9. Sunscreen – Even if it’s a cloudy day, be sure to wear sunscreen. I’ve personally had this happen where I spend all day in the sun and end up tired AND sunburnt. Set yourself a timer to re-apply every 90 minutes.

10. Accept Credit Cards – Did you know that you can accept credit cards at a yard sale with just a smartphone or tablet? There is a device called Square, which allows anyone to accept credit card payments just by plugging the tiny Square reader into the headphone jack of a phone or tablet!

Do you have any additional tips that you’d like to offer? Leave us a comment on Facebook!