10 Yard Sale Items That You Are Better Off Selling Online


Thinking about having a yard sale? Dreaming about how much money you might make at that yard sale? You aren’t alone. One of the most exciting aspects of having a yard sale is thinking about how much money you might make. While you might be tempted to sell all of your items at your next yard sale, you might want to save a few of them for online auctions and listing sites. Turns out…some items will sell for more money online than at a yard sale.

Sites like EstateSales.org and Ebay offer sellers a platform to target a larger network of buyers and buyers that are specifically interested in what they have to sell. Below, we’ll take a look at the benefits of selling your items online and the top 10 items that you will be better off selling online than at a yard sale.


Benefits of Selling Online:

More Exposure:
One of the biggest benefits of selling your items online is that your items will have a larger audience, which means more potential buyers looking at your items.

Niche Buyers:
If you are selling collectibles, the chances that a collector comes to your sale are probably pretty slim, however, if you list a valuable collectible on an online auction website, you have a greater chance of finding people who are looking for that exact piece.

Higher Prices:
Because you have more exposure for your items online, you will have a greater chance of commanding a higher price.


10 Items You Should Sell Online


If you plan to sell collectibles like baseball cards, coins, or action figures at your yard sale, you may want to reconsider. Your best bet is not to sell them at your yard sale and instead find a website or online auction site that caters to that particular audience. This will allow you to showcase your items to the exact people who collect the items you are selling. It also means you’ll likely get the higher price for your items.


Yard Sale shoppers are looking for a bargain, which means if you have a valuable antique for sale, they will likely try to negotiate a lower price. Whereas, if you list the antique at an online auction, you’ll have buyers fighting for the right to buy your item. The more buyers who want your item, the more money you will get for it.

Designer Clothing

It may be hard to convey the value of the designer label to the bargain shoppers that come to your yard sale. You will definitely get more money for your designer clothing, shoes and handbags if you sell your items online and this is because designer labels already have a built in fan base and those fans are always looking for deals on their favorite designers.


Estate Jewelry

Estate Jewelry is valuable, therefore, in order for you to get the right buyer (who’s willing to pay the right price) for your jewelry, you’ll want to list it on an auction site like EstateSales.org. Getting your one-of-a-kind jewelry in front of the people who are looking for vintage jewelry is the best way to increase your sales price.

Old Phones

Online shoppers look for old phones for a variety of reasons; to hold as collectibles, to use for parts and or to use a replacement phone, therefore they are willing to spend more money on these items than regular yard sale shoppers. Do yourself a favor and list your old phones online to earn the most money.

Video Games

Video games can be a goldmine, which is why so many yard saler shoppers look for them at yard sales. But, you should know that most of the shoppers that buy video games at yard sales are looking for deep discounts so they can resell them online for a higher price. You are better off selling your video games online in order to get a higher price.

Vintage toys

Vintage toys like action figures, dolls and board games can command a high price in an auction environment. You are definitely going to have the right type of buyer come by your yard sale in order to get the same price in person.



Believe it or not, there is a market for used and vintage magazines online. People are willing to pay top dollar for specific magazines. These people, unfortunately, are probably not visiting your yard sale, which is why you’ll want to list your magazines online rather than at your yard sale.

Electronic Cords

Believe it or not, people pay big money to replace broken or missing electronic cords. The likelihood of someone missing the exact cords that you are selling visiting your yard sale is probably pretty small.  So your best bet in selling random electronic cords is to sell them at an online auction site like Ebay.

Appliance Manuals

Just like people go out of their way to purchase missing electronic cords, they also do the same for appliance manuals. If you’ve got appliance manuals for appliances you no longer use or own you can make some money by listing them online.